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Consulting Engineers


Madar is a consulting engineering office in Al-Bireh city

It is one of the oldest engineering offices operating in the West Bank-Palestine with national and international capabilities. Madar registered in the Engineers Association / Jerusalem Center as a first-class consulting office under No.2.


Since 1986, Madar has been offering exceptional engineering services as one of the leading consultant offices. Madar was founded through the union of two professional offices, which had been worked in the engineering fields for more than 20 years.Thus, Madar was founded on strong basis that combined vast and rich experiences. Madar always seeks to be a proactive member of the project team (owner, engineers and contractors) from initial studies and concept development to the design, construction and maintenance stages.

Madar has designed, managed and supervised hundreds of projects in private, public and international sectors (KFW, AFD, BTC, USAID, JICA, WB, IB, UNDP, UNOPS), covering a total of more than one million square meters of construction area that costs over $ 400 million. Details of some projects are reviewed in the next pages of this office profile.


Madar developed and created many Bank projects in the West Bank & Gaza Strip, worked and still working with Bank of Jordan, Palestine Islamic Bank, Arab Islamic Bank, Quds Bank & Arab Bank


Madar possesses a large team of highly qualified and experienced engineers working on fixed and part time bases. Our staff of engineers, designers and surveyors works hand in hand to ensure that a project is completed within the budgetary limits without delay. Through this team, Madar has been able to keep a high standard position among other engineering offices. This was well demonstrated by the highly- skilled services offered to its clients.  


Clients have always found a welcoming and co-operative environment in Madar that encourages them to present their point of views at ease until the best results that demonstrate their ideas and wishes are achieved. Our operational philosophy lends a unique approach to the development and implementation of any project. Madar approaches every project with an open mind to develop the optimum solution to meet the client’s goals and objectives.


The satisfaction of the client has always been Madar’s first priority. This has created a very good reputation for Madar throughout the entire West Bank and enabled the office to play a significant role in the construction sector.


Through the years, Madar has developed and nurtured close relationships with local and regional municipalities and agencies starting from our realization of the importance of the cooperation of these parts to facilitate the completion of our projects. Since its establishment, Madar has experienced continuous growth and is determined to stay in the advanced position earned by the long years of hard work.